Activist Hypocrisy Hurts Canadian Communities

While Greenpeace and its allies busy themselves with rhetorical gymnastics, they continue to display stunning hypocrisy when it comes to First Nations and other boreal communities.

Greenpeace identifies one of its core values as accountability and states the need to "demonstrate [its] respect for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and communities."

The group has suggested that Resolute somehow doesn't measure up.

Yet, Greenpeace and their cohorts conveniently ignore Resolute's solid longstanding partnerships with First Nations and other communities across the boreal, and the strong support these communities have voiced for our company.

Even more troubling, Greenpeace and others have failed to respond to the countless groups who have reached out in good faith to ask them to justify their attacks:


First Nations, Local governmentsUnion leaders, and industry associations and individuals have written letters and spoken out asking for Greenpeace and its many allies to listen to their concerns.

Ten of thousands of concerned citizens participated in a post card campaign demanding Greenpeace and its cohorts involve local stakeholders.

And, over 4,000 people in the northern Quebec town of Saint-Félicien marched to demand an end to misleading activist campaigns.

Instead of responding to these pleas, Greenpeace and their supporters’ chief focus appears to be on their fundraising projects.

That is not accountability.

Words matter, and actions have consequences.  Hiding behind “rhetorical hyperbole” simply isn’t a good enough defense. Activist groups should not be allowed to make false or misleading public declarations one day and retract them in legal filings the next, after profiting from those allegations. It simply isn’t enough to chalk this cycle of abuse up as “non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion.”

Accountability means taking responsibility for how words and actions affect others. Accountability is at the core of what we believe in as a company, and that’s why we work hard to be a positive presence in the communities where we live and work. We’re proud of the relationships we have built around trust and transparency.

Resolute is standing firm. 

We have a collective responsibility to stand up and hold Greenpeace and its allies accountable for the human cost of their baseless and harmful practices. Our communities deserve that much.