Cyndi-Ann Roshu

"Its about time! Greenpeace has shown it self several times to lie, manipulate and bully corporations as well as people. They have zero credibility anymore as anyone with half a brain sees what they are up to."

-Cyndi-Ann Roshu, comment on The Daily Caller


"Even when you are a sustainable corporation (whatever that means) it is not enough. They must pay off these blackmailers.

Resolute, and all the other corporations, should stop their appeasement in the name of sustainability and social justice, spending money on items that only hurt their bottom line and so actually directly hurt their employment and society. Fight in court these behind the scenes government funded non-profits and show to the public what it is really about (money and power). Change the narrative or you will lose."

-Bill, comment on

Bob Ellingham

"It never fails stand up to the Eco- terrorists and the naysayers come out of the wood work, spouting there rhetoric and denouncing anyone opposed to their parboiled cult ideas. Bravo for Resolute to take these snake oil salesman to task. Let the truth be told and finally make these clowns out to be the charlatans they are........"

-Bob Ellingham, comment on The Financial Post

James Shutiak

"I must commend Resolute for being resolute in fighting the Greenpeace fraudsters. They certainly are crooks, cheats and charlatans. I hope Resolute wins a $billion plus and puts Greenpeace out of their crooked business."

-James Shutiak, comment on The Financial Post

H Ralph Bullis

"Great article, Mr. Foster. The time has long since passed when corporations that have been plagued by these outlaws should have pushed back. It is with good reason that Greenpeace has been banned in India as a threat to India's economy. Once the Resolute case has been tried, successfully, we hope, let's keep on going with Tides International, the WWF and dozens more of these economy-destroying NGOs."

-H Ralph Bullis, comment on The Financial Post